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To Convert Square Feet to Square Meters: Multiply Square Feet by 0.0929. Example: 100 Sq. Ft X 0.0929 = 9.29 Sq. Mtr.


To Convert Square Meters to Square Feet: Divide Square Meters by 0.0929. Example: 100 Sq. Mtr. : 0.0929 = 1076.42 Sq. Ft


Mortgages are available to qualified Buyers: Please email for details: AvnerBeno@JustClose.com

, check for new developments in the opportunity for foreign investors to buy property in the United States to gain Visa to the United States. 
See the link below. (Please contact your immigration lawyer first for legal advice):   http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/cpquery/&sid=cp113WXD6e&r_n=sr040.113&dbname=cp113&&sel=TOC_478023&