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You do not need to register if you are searching for a house on our "Quick" and "Basic search". However if you registration is recommended since you will be able to save your searches on "My WorkPlace” and "My WorkPlace Details"

To use our unique: "Preference Search", you will need to Register as a BUYER. Just click on Register, located at the top right hand side of the home page, and follow the simple registration process.

When you register as BUYER, you will be able to search for your dream home, using our variety of search engines and save the searches at "My WorkPlace". Choose the search engine that suite you the most: Quick, Basic, Green, International, or Preference Search.

Our Preference Search is a very unique one: It is divided into two types:
1. Preference Search - Highest Scored Properties  
2. Saved Preference Searches - Rerun Saved Preference Searches - This option will mimic the Real Estate agent questions, so you'll be able to pre-screen your selection criteria and test it using this website. "Interview Search" is a very powerfull option to help  you interactively look for and to have a good idea which home is suitable for you, from the convenience of your computer.

With the other built in tools and live Assistants (Advisors that you hire), you are not alone which would certainly help you to make the right decision in choosing, processing, and closing your real estate. 

Our system is so sophisticated that you can buy real estate and close the deal without leaving your computer in your house. Start with one of the search engines or "Preference Search - Highest Scored Properties". Then create your “Want” list, using "My Workplace", send an offer and negotiate using our variety of communication tools, select closing, financial, and service Assistants to get your help and answers. You can also document your process and use our Virtual Closing and Electronic Signature features to bring the deal to closing.  Alternatively use the traditional way to close the deal.  

BUYER:  Please click SEARCH, if you need to start your search adventure.

              If you need to know more, please click on Site Tour, then click on the subject that interest you.



Total Properties: 861
Active Properties 660
Sold Properties 188
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Service Assistants 17
Green Assistants 14
Smart Assistants 10

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